Five youths on a camping trip in the late 1960’s stumble across a town lost in time, and seething with Christian superstitions, a town hiding a deep dark secret that the group are destined to fall victim to.

Set on a blistering hot day in the central Wheat-belt of Western Australia, the youths are lured like prey onto the farmstead of two malevolent sisters, a young girl and their psychopathic guardians.

Lured in under the pretense of salvation, the group are slowly but methodically pitted against one another in some bizarre game of cat and mouse, all at the hands of the sisters.

The sisters are the leaders of a bizarre blood cult, or so it would appear – until an evil so ancient is awakened desiring the bequeathing of blood, their blood.

All has never been what it seems, and the truth of these creatures and the God that they worship is revealed to the youth’s unimaginable horror.

It is a metamorphosis of unspeakable terror; the revealing of their true selves – creatures that have evolved and adapted over time to suit the environment of their exile.