Britt comes from Fractured Visions Films home base - Quairading. She has been their number one actress since the beginning, some might say a bit of a muse.

Britt starred in the original promo for The Unhallowed and went on to do the trailer for the new promo and will reprise her role in the feature length film.

Britt also stars in Casper Jean Rimbaud's film Dark Night of the Werewolf which is in post production.

She has a huge passion for music - and is  the lead singer of of a band called Kraill.

She loves the country life, hanging out with her baby staffies Maxxi and Hendrix, and  she can't wait to continue her journey with Fractured Visions.

Britt Hadlow

Abby White


   Simone McGuinniss



Simone began her love of acting and theatrics from a young age.  She attended workshops for Young Talent Time in Perth when she was younger until her family moved away and eventually settled in Quairading in 1994.  When she came to Quairading she continued her love of drama and theatrics through the school participating in musical productions, acting and singing as well as some modelling.   At the age of 16, she started contributing her time to the local theatre group Curtain Raisers where her love for acting and singing grew.  Since then she has performed both acting and singing in a number of theatre productions for the town of Quairading.  Simone has two children, Bailey & Issy who encourage their Mum to do what she loves.


Nadia Atanasovski


Louise Bennett

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