Casper Jean Rimbaud and Philippe Mora at meeting in Melbourne to discuss The Unhallowed.

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The Unhallowed Featured On Cinema Australia Website.


May/June 2018


It has been a busy few months for Fractured Visions as we enter the final stages of production on High Strangeness.

We are lucky to have such a supportive crew on board with Fractured Visions Films. Last month Mr Simon Akkerman came on board to supervise the drone footage for the film.

It is onwards and upwards for Fractured Visions Films.



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We are excited to announce that

Destiny West's new novel

Kindred of Cain it being published

through Infernal Ink Books in

The United States of America.


July/August 2018


We just completed the final big scene of High Strangeness, and now entering post production stage. Fractured Visions are delighted to announce we have our own Head pf Special Effects ;Kimberley Neilsen.

We are also off to Melbourne in August for important meetings in regards to High Strangeness and The Unhallowed.

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October 2018


What an exciting past few months we have had. August saw us in Melbourne where we had meetings with Umbrella Entertainment and our Producer Philippe Mora. We also filmed some scenes for High Strangeness whilst in Melbourne, with Philippe making a cameo appearance as a psychiatrist.

The last few weeks have seen us in the final stages of Production for High Strangeness, and we had the pleasure of having Simon Akkerman on board again with his friend Erik doing more drone footage, plus an intense scene in the local supermarket.

Trailer for High Strangeness will be coming soon.


January 2019


Finally in post production of High Strangeness, we look forward to bringing to the screen a dark and truly terrifying look into the world of alien abduction.

We are currently casting for a few minor roles for pick up shots. Head to Star Now to find listings if you are interested.

We looki forward to 2019 being a big year for Fractured Visions Films.