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Casper Jean Rimbaud and Philippe Mora at meeting in Melbourne to discuss The Unhallowed.

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The Unhallowed Movie community information night for the public of Quairading and surrounds. Information on employment opportunities and other details.

The Unhallowed feature in the York Community Matters newspaper.

Feb 2017

Trailer has been shot and is now being edited. We will be showing the trailer to selected people by invitation only and then showing it to the public at later date.

We are pleased to announce that Bryan McQueen -Mason has come on board as our Editor.

March/April 2017

Trailer has been edited and is doing the rounds.

We are excited to announce that Edward (Ted) McQueen-Mason has come on board as our Post Production Supervisor.

May 2017

So much progress. We now have an official letter of Intent by major Australia Distributor. We are currently working on another trailer for public viewing. Plus we will also be having another event in Quairading very soon.

June/July 2017

We are currently looking for investors for The Unhallowed, our pitch its in with Screen Australia. Our mini trailer will be available on the website this coming week .


Our gorgeous leading lady Bec Caldwell in an article about investing in The Unhallowed. Featured in a Community News Paper July edition.

July 2017 - The mini trailer is up! Check out the trailer page now. We are also seeking private investors. Please email us at if you wish to view our video pitch and extended trailer.

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The Unhallowed Featured On Cinema Australia Website.

August 2017 - The extended promo trailer has been released to

a welcoming and pleased audience. The trailer was featured on the Cinema Australia website. Destiny West will be featured on The Horrorcist PodCast in the next few weeks to discuss The Unhallowed.

Nov 2017 - We have some great news coming your way soon. Plus we have started work on the new website, so please keep checking back. In the meantime please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Feb 2018 - It has been a busy last few months for Fractured Visions Films. We are in the final days of production for our new feature length SciFi/Horror film High Strangeness which is based on Casper Jean Rimbaud's novel Post Encounter.

We are also in the process of completing a music video for Suicide Prevention (Definitely a worth-whilre cause)

The Unhallowed is progessing further and we hope to announce some fantastic news in the next month or so.

Fractured Visions Films mentioned in article in the Advocate Newspaper