"Grumpy truck driver with a passion for photography and old cars, been around Australia east coast till I moved to WA nearly 20 yrs ago, still don't know what I'm supposed to do in life"


Sara Nardone is from Perth Western Australia, she is a long time contributor to the arts with both writing and live performance art, she has made splashes within the fetish modelling industry performing and being photographed all around the world but 2016 marks her first foray into screen acting where she has managed to score significant roles in the very first three movies she auditioned for. She has a lifetime obsession with all things creepy, a collector of horror comics and a love of hack slash. It was on her bucket list to deliver a horror movie scream and we believe this will be the first of many for her. Definitely a new comer to watch.



I came into the Unhallowed family with little to no experience in acting. Since then I have been working with Destiny and Casper to develop myself as an actress, and having the best time doing it, making friends and learning things that i never would have before, ifI hadn't been given this amazing opportunity.


I'm from Quairading, where the film is set, and have been involved in many of the Fractured Vision films productions including a never-to-be-released music video! (Too scary for satan himself!)


I also have a huge a passion for music - I am the lead singer of my band Kraill.


I love the country life, hanging out my baby staffies Maxxi and Hendrix, and can't wait to be apart of the film! It's going to be an awesome experience!



Wassim Hawat is an Australian Film, TV and Theatre Actor. A Versatile and Diverse actor who is Trained in the Meisner and Method acting technique in Australia/Sydney, whose first name means "handsome".

Wassim Hawat is known for popular International TV/Film's:

Gods of Egypt (Movie)

Postman Pat (Movie)

Home and Away (TV Series)

Dracula (TV series)

Monsters Vs Aliens (TV Series)

The versatile actor has been steadily working both on stage and screen.




Michael is quickly making his mark on the Western Australian Scene.Michael has landed main roles in large-scale feature films, including Lurking Woods (Rodman Pictures/ Chameleon Films), which is being released throughout South-East Asia early 2017. 2016 was a successful year for Michael, landing roles in “Tainted Getaway” (Rodman Pictures/Chameleon Films), The Decadent and Depraved (Prince-Wright Productions) and short film “Life is But a Dream”, as well as upcoming projects “The Unhallowed” (Fractured Visions) and “Swan Songs” (Moxitron Media). Other notable productions Michael has been cast in include Saint Michael’s Alley: The Kingpin’s Daughter (88 to 1 Productions) and La Chienne Francaise (Prince-Wright Productions).

Michael is an exciting, actor. Passionate for Film and Television; Michael’s natural charisma, desire to challenge himself and work ethic all contribute to his continual growth and improvement of his skill set and career.



Ethan Gors is from Quairading, Western Australia. He has participated in local theatre production since highschool, and performed in the promo film of The Unhallowed. Ethan is a talented actor, bringing a dark humour with his talent. Extremely creative and has a great career ahead of him.


Upcoming talent and rising star Ronald Smith, is a strong Indigenous/Australian of  (Noongar/Yamitji) heritage, a man from the South West and Gascoyne Area of Western Australia. Ronnie is a proud aboriginal man who is destined to be a household name and outstanding role model for young people in the future. His interest in the arts began at a very young age when he became passionate about RnB music, it was then that he discovered that he could really sing in the RnB genre. Ronnie has been performing now in his community for 10 years, his credits include performing with The Dulcitones in 2014 and he now has the pleasure to perform with his 6 piece Aboriginal group Moombaki Ensemble.

The highlight of this year for Ronnie was having the opportunity to perform in the amazing production of “HOME” the Perth International Arts Festival 2016 “Welcome To Country”, an evening he will always remember. And when he is not busy working and performing, you will find him somewhere pursuing his hobbies, making short films for fun, on his apps and other technology, he has always been a major horror film fanatic is especially interested in performing in a horror feature film someday. Ronnie has always had the desire to pursue his arts career further and is happy to say that he is looking forward to making his debut, featuring in an up-coming documentary to be screened at this years Cine Oz Film Festival.



Amity Russell is from Quairading, Western Australia. She is passionate about acting and dancing. Reknown for her cheeky personality and angelic looks. Amity is playing the role of Lucy.  Amity is a Fractured Visions Muse - and is seen most of our productions.



Daniel has only begun acting since 2012 purely by accident. He had done modelling in his late teens with a couple of magazine shoots & tv commercials but didn't think he'd ever do more.

Then in 2012 he decided to do a photo shoot just to look back on in years to come but tourism WA saw his pictures on the photographers web site & asked to hire him.

From there, that shoot lead to another then another, then tv commercials (local, national & international) web shows (Super Dingo vs Pirates, Super Dingo vs the Hippies), magazine shoots, music videos & 2 feature films, Infected Paradise & Broken Contract ('Winner of Merit' at Indifest in California).

In 2014 Daniel also released his debut single 'Psychedelic Nemeses' with his band at the time 'Sanhedrin Saint. He wrote the song, sang, played gutar, directed & produced the music video which is on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc.

He is currently only taking on interesting & challenging roles & working on new music.



Taneika Jefferies

Is 19 years young.

She has lived in Tammin her whole life and did high school in Quairading. She loves the country more than anything. She also loves to paint and  loves music. Taneika plays the piano and bass guitar.

She now lives in Woodanilling, and manages her own little haunted tavern and it's just amazing.

This is such an amazing opportunity and I'm looking forward to working with the cast and crew.



Bec Caldwell was born and grew up in Perth, Western Australia to Scottish parents. She started acting in high school pantomimes and went on to study broadcasting, film and television as well as acting in short films in her spare time.


She is known for her 2012 stint as a Clinique It Girl, a national cosmetics contract that saw her report new and classic products via the company's YouTube channel. She is currently (2014) a co-host of the Herding Cats film and theatre news show. Projects coming up include Broken Contract, A Girl's Best Friend, The Shadow's Dance, Quiche, and new TV show, Unfiltered in Perth.


in 2015, Bec began producing online content for Herding Cats Productions, for their show, Popcorn TV which was a local success, encouraging her to produce her own short videos for marketing clients, as well as a short film, which she also wrote and starred in.



Maggie is a passionate and dedicated actress whom has featured in numerous feature films, short films, commercials, TV series, stage productions and print advertisements. Born in South Africa, Maggie has immigrated to Australia in 2006. This is where she rekindled her love for acting and has since appeared in numerous projects. Her charismatic and energetic personality and willingness to do whatever is required to give a true and believable performance cement her as a promising up and coming actress. Versatility, passion and professionalism are all qualities one can expect to find in this talented performer.


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