Fractured Visions Films was the brain child of author and film makers Casper Jean Rimbaud and Destiny West in 2016.


Both agreed that there was a significant horror element missing from the Australian Film Industry, and a definite lacking of libido in the horror film industry in general. With that thought in mind, Casper started Fractured Visions Film Company and Destiny came on board as Producer and co-writer, to create a film company in the wheat-belt of Western Australia to make horror movies symbolistic of yesteryear with a modern feel.


Insistent to breathe new life into horror, by way of creating films that are innately disturbing and draw forth the terrors lurking at all times beneath the surface of everyday life. Fractured Visions Films play homage to the past, whilst awakening future generation of true horror lovers.


Harnessing Australia's unique landscapes and isolation, Casper and Destiny have created a universe of monstrosities that will create dread and apprehension for all horror film fans.


Supported by a crew of like minded weirdos and dark creative types,  a community of wonderfully suportive people, and with the patronage of legendary Australian film maker Philippe Mora -  Fractured Visions Films aims to be the true name of horror for generations to come.


"We are building a film industry in rural WA to give back to our community and inspire the local youth that we can make exciting things happen here. That small towns are worth fighting for, and have so much to offer - not only visually and by story telling but also by a sense of community and working together to move forward, adapt and thrive."  ~ Destiny West.


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